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WildStar Medic DPS Build Guide


Following on from our Medic Class Guide, here we provide you with all the information you need to maximise your damage output. The primary purpose of this build is for maximum damage in a PvE and PvP environment. Similarly to my Spellslinger DPS build design, this is all about being flexible in multiple scenarios and taking into consideration that perfect rotations are almost impossible in a true PvE or PvP setting. The reason why this build works so well in both PvE and PvP is the fact that as a Medic there’s only a couple of skills you need to melt face with, while the rest are free choices based on your play style. As a melee fighter, even though your range is a little higher than that of a Warrior or Stalker, you’ll still need a couple of Crowd Control skills to keep players close to you or for you to escape with.

Full Interactive Medic DPS Build


WildStar Spellslinger DPS Build Guide

  • Discharge

Discharge is your mandatory pump skill. It ‘ticks’ 3 times to build 1 Actuator but is capable of harming 5 foes at once. It’s repetitive to need to use this skill over and over but it’s a relief to know that its animation is satisfying and it actually does respectable damage. Unless your using other skills, you should always be using Discharge.

  • Fissure

Fissure is, similarly to Discharge, a mandatory skill for the Medic. It has a large radius, hurts and has a reasonably low cooldown. When Tiered up it also pairs exceptionally well with Quantum Cascade or Gamma Rays if used at full Actuators.

  • Quantum Cascade

I’m going to caveat this skill and state that it does depend entirely on the circumstance. For general PvE and PvP, Quantum Cascade is a much easier choice. It has a large radius, ticks 3 times and deals great damage. In contrast, Gamma Rays is hard to hit and very narrow. However, versus single target boss fights Gamma Rays is much more worthwhile.

  • Collider

Where Collider is concerned, it’s similar to the Spellslinger’s Assassinate. Collider comes with 2 charges and is designed as a spike against players under 30% health. Its telegraph is a chevron and is absolutely massive: it’s literally impossible to miss with it. The cooldown time on Collider is also relatively small so over the course of a fight, even if your target is above 30% health, it’s still well worth using it.

  • Annihilation

I know many Medic players hate Annihilation but it’s actually a skill I’ve grown to love. There are some options for removing it (which I’ll get to below) but primarily in PvE it works wonders because it costs no Actuators, can be used alongside Fissure and when Tiered up it doubles in size. Better yet, your Discharge attacks reduce its cooldown. In PvP it’s a little tricky to make Annihilation work because players quickly move out the field, but with a Paralytic Surge > Fissure combo, it’s an excellent damage spike.

  • Atomize

Usable after a critical hit, Atomize is your melt face instant-gib button. Acting like Flame Burst on the Spellslinger, it hits up to 5 targets for high amounts of damage. On top of that it also has a 50% chance to build an Actuator and has a low cooldown (8 seconds). If Atomize triggers after Quantum Cascade + Fissure + Annihilation, it’s a massive damage spike.

  • Paralytic Surge

Similarly to Annihilation, there’s a couple of variances on this skill. I tend to take Paralytic Surge because as a stun and as a skill that destroys an interrupt armor, it’s incredibly useful in both PvE and PvP environments. It’s great to hold players in place while you beat on them while it’s also an excellent skill for escaping if you turn, Surge and then run away.

  • Urgency

I love Urgency. Not only is it a teleport, but when Tiered up it removes snares, roots, holds and tethers. It’s excellent at getting into combat and exceptional at avoiding it.


WildStar Spellslinger DPS Build Guide

The purpose of these Tier points is to create synergy between Fissure and Quantum Cascade while also factoring in Annihilation and its cooldown reduction from Discharge. There are alternative methods in which you can spend your Tier points, but I've listed those at the end of this guide.


WildStar Spellslinger


  • Assault Power III - Increases Assault Power by 7.5% (total)
  • Strikethrough III - Increases Strikethrough chance by 3% (total)
  • Armor Pierce III - Increases Armor Pierce chance by 3% (total)
  • Empowering Aura - Grants Empower to yourself and party members, granting 6% extra Critical Hit chance
  • Core Damage - Consuming an Actuator grants Empower for 5s. Increases damage dealt by 1.5% and stacks 3 times (4.5% total)
  • In Flux - While between 1 and 3 Actuators gain an Empower. Increases Assault Power by 12% of maximum
  • Danger Zone - While within 8m of a foe gain Empower. Increases Assault Power by 17% of maximum (every 15 seconds)
  • Annihilation - Unlocks the Annihilation skill
  • Meltdown - Using Energize causes you to deal 104% technology damage to 5 foes within 10 meters and apply Overload. Overload temporarily deactivates shields.

Hybrid A/S

  • Critical Hit III - Increases critical hit chance by 6% (total)
  • Critical Hit Severity III - Increases critical hit severity by 12% (total)


  • Cooldowns III - Increases cooldown reduction by 15% (total)
  • CC Resilience I - Increases CC resilience by 10% (total)

Hybrid A/U

  • PvP Offense III - Increases PvP offense by 3% (total)
  • Stay With Me - While below 30% HP gain Empower, increasing Assault Power by 30% of your current maximum.
  • Antigen Isolation - Killing a player grants Empower for 15s. Increases damage dealt by 3% and stacks 3 times (9% total)


WildStar Spellslinger

Similarly to my Spellslinger DPS build, I’m going to caveat this by repeating the following:

People can number crunch the perfect rotation all they wish against target dummies but in reality, in a PvE and PvP setting, it just isn’t possible. You’ll have to move, you might get interrupted or you might miss.

What you need to remember with a DPS Medic is that aim is still important (though less so than the Spellslinger because their telegraphs are reasonably large) but also your sheer reliance on pump skills (Discharge). If you aren’t gaining Actuators, your damage is going to suffer massively. Just remember to repeatedly use Discharge at every spare moment and only ever use Energize when your Actuators are at zero and you want to spike your opponent. Lastly, always use Atomize and Collider every time it becomes available, though you'll need to time Collider for use at the start, middle and end of fights.

Starting with 4 Actuators

  1. Annihilation
  2. Paralytic Surge (movement prevention)
  3. Fissure
  4. Quantum Cascade (x3) (You will have been refunded Actuators from Fissure’s use as well as hitting all your Quantum Cascade ticks)
  5. Discharge (x1)
  6. Quantum Cascade (x1)
  7. Energize
  8. Fissure (if available)
  9. Repeat process 1 to 7

Starting with 0 Actuators

  1. Discharge (x4)
  2. Fissure
  3. Quantum Cascade (x3) (You will have been refunded Actuators from Fissure’s use as well as hitting all your Quantum Cascade ticks)
  4. Discharge (x1)
  5. Quantum Cascade (x1)
  6. Energize
  7. Fissure (if available)
  8. Repeat process 1 to 8


As mentioned above, I did caveat some skills based on personal preference and the fact there are some alternatives. I regularly mix and match my skills out dependant on the circumstance or enemy I’m facing (as you should).

If you want to remove Annihilation (it does have its limitations) I’d recommend you remove it for either, Magnetic Lockdown or Calm. With the Tier points, I’d invest them in Atomize for even more damage output or Discharge for the additional ticks. Alternatively, you can also remove Paralytic Surge and take both Lockdown and Calm to be a real nuisance.

As far as Magnetic Lockdown and Calm are concerned, the former is a root and the latter a skill which removes all CC and pacifies foes. If you do take Calm, it frees up points from Urgency (you don’t need the CC removal) and instead, you can invest those points into Collider for the ability to gain bonus damage to opponents when they’re below 70% health.


Lastly although I have team mates take this, you can put on Empowering Probes in replace of any skills other than Discharge, Quantum Cascade and Atomize dependant entirely on your preference. I do however think it's more valuable to have a healing specialised Medic take Empowering Probes for you so you can keep as many DPS skills on your bar.