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WildStar Medic Healing Build Guide


Following on from our Medic Class Guide, here we provide you with all the information you need to maximize your healing output. The primary purpose of this build is for maximum healing in a PvE and PvP environment. Like all my builds there are some variables here with skills you can swap in and out. Why I love this build so much is because it doesn't rely heavily on spamming your pump skill repeatedly. Admittedly there is an element of it as you'll still need your Actuators for skills such as Crisis Wave, but it's much less prevalent than a DPS focused build. There will betimes during high spike moments where you need to use your pump skill multiple times (Emission) but with practice, you'll be able to predict when. 

Full Interactive Medic DPS Build


WildStar Medic Healing Build Guide

  • Emission

As mentioned in our Medic Class Guide, Emission is the healing pump skill which builds your Actuators. Similarly to Discharge it ticks 3 times to build 1 Actuator so will need to be used 4 times for a full set. It's relatively cheap on Focus cost and heals for a reasonable amount. 

  • Crisis Wave

Your big heal designed for those heavy damage moments, Crisis Wave takes around a second and a half to cast and has a large telegraph. It's hard to miss with it, but you do need to pre-empt when your party will take damage to take acount of its cast time. Crisis Wave costs 2 Actuators per cast.

  • Mending Probes

Mending Probes are pretty rubbish until you're able to Tier them up as they rely heavily on the synergy with Flash to make the most out of them. By default they provide healing over time, but Flash effectively turns them into detonating heals, providing a nice spike of health for anyone who has a probe attached to them.

  • Triage

I've heard a fair few people comaplin about Triage, but I actually think it's a pretty nice heal for a variety of reasons. The first is its low cooldown, the fact it heals and boosts shields but that it also prioritises the heal for you or your target dependant on who has the least health. It's great when you're babysitting a tank. 

  • Flash

Flash is an Area of Effect heal that restores health you and 9 other allies. It has a short cooldown at 15 seconds and when Tiered allows you to detonate Mending Probes. The spike heal between those two skills is quite significant. 

  • Shield Surge

This is the first of a variable skill, but I like Shield Surge because it's one of the few skills in the game to restore a significant amount of shield to you and party members but also deal opponents. It's expensive to cast at 2 Actuators but during moments when you don't need a big heal (Crisis Wave) it's an excellent alternative to spend your Actuators on. 

  • Magnetic Lockdown

As the second variable skill, Magnetic Lockdown is a root that prevents movement to anyone you hit for 3 seconds. Roots are brilliant because they hold people in place like a stun but allow you to damage those opponents. In a healing circumstance, it's great for helping your team mates control opponents so they can burst damage them down or for escaping when you're low health.

  • Calm

Calm is one of my favourite skills in the game because it's a break-out skill that removes all CC but also Pacifies foes in the radius. Pacify reduces damage you receive by 100% for a short period of time, which when paired with Magnetic Lockdown makes you incredibly annoying to pin down. 


WildStar Medic Healing Build Guide

There are a couple of ways to approach the Tiers for this healing build and there are some variables. The primary reasons for this point investment is:

  • Taking Emission to Tier 4 makes it free on Focus when under 250 Focus.
  • Crisis Wave at Tier 8 not only improves its healing but makes every 3rd cast free, with no global cooldown. On top of that, every 3rd cast also has no Actuator cost. It makes back to back healing a dream.
  • Tier 4 Mending Probes allows them to be detonated when you use Flash.
  • Tier 4 Flash sees its cooldown reduced when you use Emission.
  • Tier 4 Shield Surge boosts players in receipt of the skill to have their Shield Mitigation boosted by 25%. 

If you're to make any Tier changes, I'd simply recommend you remove points from Shield Surge and place them into Emission so that your bread and butter heal is a Tier 8 variant and thus healing for more. 


WildStar Medic Healing Build Guide


  • Support Power III - Increases Support Power by 7.5% (Total)
  • Focus Cost III - Reduces Focus cost of spells by 6% (Total)
  • Armor Coating - Landing a Critical Heal grants defense for 6s. Defense increases armor by 9% of their maximum
  • Protective Surge - When an ally within 10m of you takes a critical hit restore 25% health to them (occurs every 3s)
  • Emergency - Landing a direct heal on yourself or an ally below 30% health restores 69% shield (occurs every 10s)
  • Reboot - Using Shield Surge or Barrier on an ally with a depleted shield restores 225% shield in addition to their normal shield healing.

Hybrid S/U

  • Maximum Shield Capacity III - Increases maximum shield capacity by 9% (Total)


  • Cooldowns III - Increases cooldown reduction by 15% (total)
  • CC Resilience III - Increases CC resilience by 30% (total)
  • Quick Dodge - Performing a CC break restores 80% Shield and 1 Dash Counter every 30 seconds. 
  • Regenerator - Heals 14% health every 3 seconds while in combat (acts as a nice Heal Over Time alongside Mending Probes)

Hybrid A/S

  • Critical Hit III - Increases critical hit chance by 6% (total)
  • Critical Hit Severity I - Increases critical hit severity by 4% (total)


WildStar Medic

What you need to remember with a Healing Medic is you're still reliant on actuator building through pumping your Emission skill, but with practice you'll rely on it a little less than a DPS build as you cycle through Mending Probes, Flash and Triage. Thankfully with the synergy of this build, there's still good use with Emission because after your Mending Probes and Flash rotation, you can spam Emission a good few times to reduce the cooldown on Flash. 

Starting with 4 Actuators

  • Apply Mending Probes at the start of the fight and be sure to keep an eye on their timer. 
  • Utilise Flash before any other heal if your group is under pressure, this will detonate the probes.
  • Save Triage for a single target (mainly the tank) who is suffering the most damage.
  • Utilise Crisis Wave, twice or three times if neccesary, if your group is experiencing heavy damage. 
  • Utilise Mending Probes and Flash over Crisis Wave if you can as this will free you up to use Shield Surge.
  • Reapply Mending Probes as often as possible. 
  • Use Emission after Flash to reduce its cooldown and regain Actuators as neccesary. 


I've mentioned some variables above in terms of Tier spending, but when it comes to skills there are a couple of options based on certain encounters. First and foremost, you can swap out Magnetic Lockdown for Paralytic Surge or replace Shield Surge for Barrier. Barrier is a long cooldown, area based skill that heals, restores shields and provides Interrupt Armor. What's useful about it at Tier 4 is the fact it provides 2 additional Interrupt Armor's to allies below 70% health.


The next alternative is to swap in Dual Shock which damages opponents and heals 4 allies but can only be used after you've critically hit. If you've a high critical hit chance when healing, it's definitely worth taking as it heals for a significant amount. Lastly, if you are removing Shield Surge get rid of the Reboot AMP and spend the remaining points in Critical Hit Severity and Rejuvinator.