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Returning to Wildstar for Interesting Content

WildStar is two years old now, but it's fresh again thanks to its free-to-play conversion and shift to the freemium model. The game is now completely free-to-play with some optional services for purchase, along with a rather reasonable subscription model that makes the game easier to play and the content faster to move through, but is completely optional for most activities in the game.


It is suggested equate it to world boss trains on crack. the whole zone is a 20 man boss spawning every 5 minutes with some mini events peppered around and various challenges that can be completed. this will keep you busy until you have max rep if that is your thing. if you raided, you out gear it already, if you are more a casual player this might be right up your alley.


Also, you can think its casual content there is nothing wrong with that in my opinion. The thing is it seems everyone is way above iLevel 85 at this point.It's something that would have been worth while with the FTP launch but it falls flat because the people they have kept are people who are clearing GA and DS.


Meanwhile, it's a new direction for daily zones that relies a lot on group content. It's also oriented mainly towards players just reaching level 50, judging by the levels of gear and stuff that drops there and also the whole push for it. Needs more people in it to get stuff done. Thank you for your reading and hope you can enjoy your adventure in this game.