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  • Single-player Dungeon & Zone will be added to WildStar next Patch [09/03/2014]
    Till now,the Wildstar have released for 3 moths .In addition to a ton of bug fixes, the next major content patch for WildStar is schedule to include a new single-player zone, the Defile, 5-man content, a 20-player public event and a brand new single-player dungeon.
  • Have you given up playing WildStar Yet [09/02/2014]
    WildStar has been released for about two months, and there is a hot post in Reddit taking about the possibilities about giving up the game, so we are here today to make a survey to get to know your precious ideas, are you losing the will to play WildStar?
  • The Review of the WildStar 3 month release on housing ,PVP, PVE and Raids [09/01/2014]
    It is actually a quite satisfactory design in WildStar. We can craft our furniture, find a place, and decorate it. We have already witness many great house deign in WS, some of them are floating in the air, some of them are hiding in the woods
  • A Glimpse of WildStar Late Game [08/30/2014]
    In WildStar,After you reach level 50, you can take part in fights against the other players at the same level. The game does not raise your level artificially and allows you to match up against the other veterans of PvP. The aim is to reach the rating level of 1500 (where you start at 1200) to be able to buy violet items
  • A Safe Site to Buy Cheap Wildstar Gold [08/29/2014]
    Are you a big fan of wildstar? Do you need wildstar gold. Do you know how to choose a safe site to buy cheap wildstat gold? In this article, I will give you some advices.
  • Where to Buy Safe WildStar Gold for the New Update [08/28/2014]
    WildStar is one of the most successful work in MMORPG 2014. A lot of gamers are interested in the game. WildStar gold is a kind of currency in the game world. Players have to use wildstar gold to buy a variety of things in Nexus.
  • WildStar Improvements to Acquiring Runes and Runecrafting [08/27/2014]
    In addition to all the other systemic changes we are making directly to the Rune system, we've also worked on making some quality of life improvements all around. The following will also release with the rest of the Rune changes already discussed.
  • Guide to Make Money in Wildstar by Wildstar Challenges [08/26/2014]
    Challenges in the game of Wildstar offer a new and unique gameplay experience. There are a variety of challenges. For example, you could be expected to kill creatures, gather items, or destroy something in game. This is an easy way to earn money if you do it effectively.
  • Apporaches to make lots of WildStar Gold [08/25/2014]
    With the popularity of the WildStar game, most of the WildStar players find the importance of making WildStar gold at this point of the game. Gear is needed for leveling. No matter what level you are at, you need gold to buy the gear. But it is difficult to make Wildstar Gold.
  • Huge stock for wildstar gold in WildStarMall.com [08/23/2014]
    Dear friends, how is your WildStar game going ? have you got a high level ? are you a proficient now ? are you want to be a proficient in WildStar ? don’t worry dear gamers , to be a proficient
  • Short Tips & Tricks to Level up Fast and Efficiently in WildStar [08/22/2014]
    It is important to level up in WildStar as it can help us become more powerful and enjoy the game better. We are here today to discuss some possible useful WildStar Leveling Guide, may it help you in your own exploration.
  • Possible Approaches to Farm Extra WildStar Gold [08/21/2014]
    WildStar Gold is always a hot topic with the increasing popularity of WildStar, we are here to discuss some possible ways to farm more gold there, and may it help you in the game, welcome to turn to us to share your ideas with us.
  • How Crafting Gear at Endgame Works in WildStar [08/20/2014]
    Crafted gear can be a HUGE boost to your characters performance. Certain pieces of crafted gear can be arguably better than anything you will find in Veteran Dungeons or Adventures, due to the procs and bonuses they provide. It’s hard to say exactly what items of crafted gear are the best for each class.
  • Wildstar Raiding Guide to Kill Kuralak the Defiler in Genetic Archives [08/18/2014]
    Here is the guide for killing the boss named Kuralak the Defiler in Fenetic Archives. There are a total of 20 players in the fighting. As you can see in the video, the group consists of 2 tanks, 3 healers and 15 DPS builds. Therefore, DPS build plays a quite important role in the killing of Kuralak the Defiler.
  • WildStar Guide to acquire the Silver Medal and Golden Medal from Veteran Dungeons [08/16/2014]
    We have introduced the Golden requirement of Wildstar Veteran Adventures. Today, we would like to introduce the detailed information about Veteran Dungeons. While, you need to practice your operation skill because Veteran Dungeons is more difficult than Veteran Adventures.
  • Tips to Get Elder Gem for WildStar Update [08/15/2014]
    In the Wildstar, when you are arrived at 50 level that you can acquire the Elder Gem. What is Elder Gem on earth? What is it function? In the main city, there is a GEM Vendor, you can exchange various Wildstar Items here. Elder Gems can be spent on many diverse types of goods. Detailed information as follow:
  • WildStar PVP Map Analysis: Capture the Flag in Walatiki Temple [08/14/2014]
    WildStar PVP is quite outstanding among various MMORPG games, we are here today to discuss the Battleground PVP, Capture the Flag in Walatiki Temple. Wish our analysis today can help you enjoy the game much better.
  • What can you do with Crafted Gear in WildStar [08/13/2014]
    Crafted gear can be a HUGE boost to your characters performance. Certain pieces of crafted gear can be arguably better than anything you will find in Veteran Dungeons or Adventures, due to the procs and bonuses they provide. It’s hard to say exactly what items of crafted gear are the best for each class. The majority of the high tier crafted gear is known as ‘Adventus’ or ‘Epochos’ gear
  • How to Learn New Keybindings in WildStar [08/12/2014]
    Keybinding is a sensitive topic,the way that you feel comfortable setting up your keybinds may be very different from mine – what matters is that you are able to execute the 3 numbered points above. We’ve had many gamers adopt our setup or its philosophy and they have reported good success.
  • How to Maximize your housing buff in WildStar [08/11/2014]
    Just in case you did not know, there are 5 kinds of housing buffs, Aroma, Comfort, Lighting, Pride and Ambience. These buffs control how much rested XP you get when logged off in your house. But by this point you probably already know that. You have also learned that getting a lot of small lights does not consitute a large lighting buff etc. So I have complied a very simple list of the items that you can easily find and afford that will give you the large buffs so you can obtain the most rested xp possible.
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