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10v10 King of the Hill style PvP map in wildstar Bloodsworn Show

Halls of the Bloodsworn is a 10v10 King of the Hill style PvP map that is unlocked at level 15 in wildstar gameplay. The object of this game is capturing and defending three consecutive control points, the team which one is able to capture all three points faster will win. When you start to play this battleground, you should be aware that you cannot move onto the next phase as an attacker until you have taken control of the first so it's imperative you fill your teams meter.


wildstar PVP Map


If you can't capture a side point, you really should switch to the opposite as quickly as possible. Continuing to drive bodies at a point you're struggling to take will allow your opposing team to put more and more players onto it, dragging out your time. If you switch sides quickly it can often throw a team off balance and allow you to capture it. If you need, we can offer you cheap wildstar gold. Besides, taking a team with plenty of crowd control skills is incredibly important in this Battleground. Espers excel in Halls of the Bloodsworn because they can knockdown, root and knockback. A well timed Esper rotation on the bridge in phase one or on the side points of phase two can turn the tide of battle in your favour.

Always defend side points. You don't need most of your team on the optional control points, but if you let the enemy capture them, you might as well roll over and let them win. You will also need wildstar gold in this game. Don't forget the main middle point. Sometimes people get so caught up in defending optional points, they forget the big one in the middle. Besides, watch where the enemy goes. This is very important, especially on defense. There is no best way to defend. You have to defend based on where the enemy goes.