A variety of techniques to share in Wildstar

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Wildstar game offers a task point system, double-click the task will be the task of the arrow indicates the direction of the screen, but the Wildstar is not casual online games, the game does not provide automatic wayfinding systems. After selecting the military route to do the task in front of more than 10 tasks can feel the game a little boring, and some require you to kill 5 wild boar, and some want you to collect five wild boar, and some require you to ignite five flares or back to five boxes of supplies, etc. - such a task almost no difficulty, but also take care of the casual gamers, for players from the "World of Warcraft" game have no threshold.


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As already mentioned four kinds of routes, the military route favor traditional online games Daguai upgrade mode, can be seen as traditional online mode for players, and if you like the way of killing, and that is your best choice. For players who want to try the fresh content, really interesting is another three routes, such as explorers, his "main task" is to explore the entire map, he can use the locator to find all kinds of hidden secrets and tell his teammates information about the area. Scientists is the collection route, the use of a scanning device can also be used to find and analyze the surrounding objects, creatures and locations. The main task of the settlers is to help local residents, from the information released, the settlers have the ability to build or similar.

As the action online games, Wildstar follows the more popular approach in the market, providing a wealth of skills to choose but only give a limited field skills, the demo we started only three active skill bar and three passive skill bar, from the skills needed by the panel to choose their own active and passive skills to form their own set play.

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