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FFXIV: Dad Of Light Is A Character Drama That Riffs On Video Game Culture

Final Fantasy XIV Dad Of Light aren't exactly estranged, The father and son eat at the same table before and after hours, Akio reminiscing about a time he tried to ask his dad to play with him. But, they are different, the father is a corporate samurai for whom work-life balance is a myth, the son is a sales representative by day and a video game fan by night - and have long stopped talking to each other. Players are longing to buy cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil



Getting to see more of Akio in his office setting was a nice change of pace to the amount of time they show the game itself. The main issue with this episode was that there was a lot of non-verbal cues and facial expressions to convey the context of the scene. This isn’t a bad thing when you're dealing with regular actors, but is a bit dull when dealing with the digital characters.


Final Fantasy XIV Dad Of Light is a Japanese drama, what's more, Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light is a heartfelt comedy that you don't have to be a gamer to enjoy. Son and father's relationship may accurately be classed as non-existent. After Solving the problems at home and at work Akio eventually has an opportunity to add his father to his friends list. 


For both father and son, the game instantly transports them to a place far from their daily worries, a magical land of forests and snowy cities. Dad of Light is a character drama that riffs on video game culture, using Final Fantasy as a means to explore the tentative, increasingly tender bond between a father and son. It is highly recommended to read more news and details from FFXIV4Gil.