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Final Fantasy XIV Is Unique: Every Class Can Progress Into A Job

Final Fantasy XIV is one of my favourite MMORPGs. There's also something to note if you decide you want to commit to purchasing Final Fantasy XIV. An MMO is a long haul, after all, and you don't want to find yourself stuck in a playstyle you don't particularly enjoy. In theory, you could roll a single character and end up with every single class in the game, you can view more at here, including rich news and tips.



The Class/Job System Is Endlessly Enjoyable


Final Fantasy XIV is unique to others when it comes to its class system, and here's why: 


A Job can also borrow certain skills from its secondary class, which can be switched around at any time.

Once a player reaches level 10 with their starting class, they can switch freely between any class in the game. This is done merely by equipping a classes weapon.

Each class has its own unique leveling progression. This means that if you have a level 30 Lancer, but switch to a Gladiator for the first time, your Gladiator level will start at 1.

The only exception to this is with the brand new Jobs introduced in Heavensward, which require no classes - yet can still borrow skills from its secondary - and start at level 30 once unlocked. 

Once you get a class to level 30, you can raise its designated secondary class to level 15 to unlock a specific Job, which unlocks powerful abilities and traits. Pugilists - hand to hand combatants - can level up a Lancer to 15, to which they can then become a Monk. Every class can progress into a job, Arcanists however can chose between two Jobs. 


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