Ice, Ice, Baby Boulderback

wildstarmall Date: Apr/01/16 05:13:00 Views: 402

The Protostar Corporation has been a little frustrated that Madame Fay is snatching up most of the best treasure coming in from Arcterra's expeditions, but that hasn't stopped them from finding a few new items in the back of the warehouse to offer savvy consumers.




This cute little newborn boulderback has just barely opened its eyes to survey the world around it, but is more than ready to dig beneath the surface for an adorable subterranean nap. This rocky little pal might get a bit sleepy now and again whenever you stop to admire your shiny new space-lasers and rocket boots (or whatever you crazy kids do these days), but other than that Pebbleback will never leave your side!*


Winter Wonderland


The Snowman's Land FABkit housing plot addition is a slippery good time! Dash across an open field of ice, scale icy blocks, or join in with some fun-loving Lopp to enjoy a snow day any time (or politely ask them to leave to enjoy it by yourself). Just because it's spring doesn't mean you can't extend a little of the majesty of Winterfest—and Arcterra—to your housing plot.


To access the store:


Launch the game

Click on the NCoin icon on the bottom left or press the letter "U" on your keyboard.


Most everything on the store can be purchased using either OmniBits (a free currency earned in-game alongside XP), or NCoin, so get your Protostar-approved items today!


All this icing looking pretty sweet? Then dive in today and get yourself a galaxy-sized slice of WildStar cake—for free!