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The overview of the WildStar Tradeskill deputy main line

WildStar Tradeskill view: Weaponsmith: made of metal and strengthen the weapons. Armorer: made of metal and strengthening heavy armor. Mining, : collecting mineral and crystal. Survivalist: hunting of skin and flesh, logging can be more effective than others. Outfitter: made of leather and animal bones and strengthen the sense of. Architect: strengthening all kinds of home goods manufactured. Relic hunter: hunting relics and components. Technologist: with relics and herbs for manufacturing medical instruments, and strengthen the potion. Tailor: made of cloth and intense light armour.


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Combination recommendation: miners + 1 any kind of a blacksmith, is suitable for the crowd: weapons like myself;Miners + armor blacksmiths, is suitable for the crowd: a professional warrior warriors and engineer engineer. Survival/home/relic hunter + architects, is suitable for the crowd: make furniture like himself. Survivalist + traveler/architect, is suitable for the crowd: professional is a stalker stalker and medic medic;Relic hunter + technician, is suitable for the crowd: make potions and widgets like himself;The tailor + any other collection class deputy, is suitable for the crowd: professional is shot and esper superheros spellslinger charm. Can be directly obtained from decomposition cloth fabric. Look not to understand friends suggest double collection, after collecting all take to auction, if they are to oneself more according to their own professional and hobby to choose what kind of combination.

After pressing the "B", you can choose to use the ability of balance processing skills, and also doing the AMPs. This game can only be equipped with eight most vocational skills and a career skills, skills and abilities, can according to the character up and slowly unlock, after 10 skills must be to find giant coke can buy in the city. When what is role to reach level 5 or level, the upgrade will get abilitypoint for your use. Skills in non-combat state can be changed anytime and anywhere, point the + or -.

Skill is divided into three categories, respectively is: assault, main DPS skills, be assaultpower impact damage. Support, the main tank or nurse skills, be supportpower impact injury and regeneration. The utility, the main control and resistance skills, affected by assaultpower damage, affected by supportpower regeneration.

Starting role level 5, each level will get 1 point talent reinforcement points, when the current levels with 36 probably will have 31 points to strengthen. Spread outward the tree is a tree with a little figure, there are 3 main line and three line. Some AMP talent is needed to unlock, AMP can have dropped, task to receive reward or shop.

Main: assault: improve the ability of AP and output. Support: improve the defense capability of the SP. Utility: all kinds of gain, such as reducing skills CD, reduce the abnormal state of the time, and so on. Line: hybrid: auxiliary compare average ability. Pvpdefend: strengthen the PVP defense capabilities. Pvpoffense: strengthen the output ability of the PVP.

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