Tips and Tricks for WildStar New PVP -Sabotage

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Are you looking to improve your PvP game in Wildstar? You’re in the right place.What's next for Wildstar? After the bio-terror of the Strain update, Ultradrop 2: Sabotage is based more on the act of hitting fellow players with sharp weapons, or shooting fellow players with laser pistols.


wildstar -Sabotage


As we all know there are four different areas of PvP in Wildstar: World PvP, Arenas, Battlegrounds, and Warplots. We’ll cover each of these so you know what to expect when queue’ing up for a match.

PvP Tips and Tricks

If you’re a complete noob to player vs player combat, we’ll help you get acquainted in this section. Obviously you’re going to be fighting against other players, and depending on the game mode, you’ll have a different underlying objective you must complete in order to win. Crowd Control effects are something you’ll want to master for PvP, these are any abilities that can lock down your opponent — such as a stun, snare, or slow. These are crucial to being successful in PvP.

Having a PvP based build is also very important when you want to compete in arenas, warplots, or other modes. If you have a build that is meant to deal a lot of damage, but doesn’t necessarily have any damage mitigation or CC abilities, it won’t really work out.

World PvP and Arenas
Fighting other players in the open world is something you can do on PvP servers, and it’s essentially just like fighting any mob, but it’s actually another player. There’s no objective other than to take them out, so you’ll have to find any means necessary to win. Sometimes pulling mobs into the fight and using threat mitigation to get them to attack your opponent can be very useful.

Arenas are similar to world PvP in the sense that you don’t really have any other objective other than to kill your opponent. You can do arenas with other players, so coordiation is key to winning, make sure you and your arena partner(s) are in voice chat so you can communicate your actions quickly.

Battleground and Warplots
These are more objective-based PvP modes, where you’ll be with large groups of players and placed in an instanced battlefield. Depending on the specific map, you’ll have to do things like capture the flag to win the match, while fighting against a team of other players.Have fun with the new Sabotage!