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What's the wildstar future will be

Carbine game studios President Jeremy Gaffney announced in August, he will resign the CEO position in the company.In the future he will play the role of consultancy and advisory, at the same time he will no longer be responsible for the company's operating business.


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He resigned as President position of the main reason is that a few relatives died of cancer last year, also because of his current skin cancer being treated.Now his body is in good condition, he is in recovery, but in order to make the "wildstar come last year, he insisted with a team engaged in research and development, which delayed nine months of treatment.

And by the end of September, the design of the game producer Stephan Frost also resigned to begin a new adventure.Carbine studio art director Matt Mocarski, October by foreign media exposure has quietly left to join the other company.Layoffs in November Carbine studio 60 people, including games, chief engineer client bit Bitwise.

This is the "Wildstar" listed fourth successive loss of the core creative members.What is the Future direction of the wildstar people can not help but speculate.

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