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Which one is your favorite Wildstar or World of Warcraft?

Around the past, many MMORPG games are hoping competing with the World of Warcraft, but no game can be as attractive as Blizzard or has attracted so many players at least the past decade.


Wildstar or World of Warcraft


"There will be a game beyond the World of Warcraft "Gaffney said, Gaffney was not alluding to his own team to develop the game WildStar. However, he explicitly mentioned, from the players point of view, this kind of game already exists. Gaffney went on to say, even the World of Warcraft, also at the peak of 1200 fell to 7.6 million people, but the focus is the World of Warcraft players can not only compensate for the loss of a vacancy occurring, but also continue to attract new players to join.

Many MMO games really regard the World of Warcraft as a competitor,the same as wildstar. NCsoft's combined experience, wildstar will be a strong contender on the current online gaming market, and NCsoft last year, a total of four games into the global online game subscription revenue before paying ten ranking.

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