Wildstar New Adventure Guides:The Siege of Tempest Refuge

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The Siege of Tempest Refuge is a level 30 adventure that is available for Exiles and Dominions in wildstar online, it is also a 5-man adventure style instance which is located in Whitevale, in the middle of Calmwater Lake, near Protostar Camp. You'll have to dive in order to reach the entrance. The Siege of Tempest Refuge is a tower defense style game, where the players must hold off waves of the enemy faction from taking control of Tempest Refuge, a major outpost in Galeras. And in this adventure, players have to defend Tempest Refuge from a Dominion Assault, and protect a generator that is creating a protective barrier around the city. Upon reaching level 30, players will receive a call on their datachron asking them to visit the SimCore. After a quick quest to light several torches, the adventure will be unlocked.


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There are 10 different bosses in this adventure, but you'll face 5 random bosses during one adventure run. Your task in this adventure is to defend a generator inside a base, from Dominion or Exiles attackers, depending on what faction you are playing. You can buy wildstar online gold from our site if you need. Enemies can attack your base and generator located in western part of the map, from three different directions. They appear in waves, and you'll have four waves of trash mobs, before a boss shows up. This pattern repeats five times. Enemies come on foot, from the air (dropping bombs, mines), or drive vehicles (tanks loaded with heavy fire, explosives).


This adventure is intense and the different mechanics will keep players on their toes. It has 5 bosses that will each appear once the group has cleared 4 waves of soldiers, and each wave of attackers is usually different and the more you get close to the last boss the harder it will get. Players will find at least one snare, stun, and movement ability useful for this instance. Throughout the battle, the Morale bar in the upper left will drop. This simulates the fatigue of constant fighting by increasing the cooldown time on Dashing and Sprinting. Hope this article can help you have a deep knowledge of how to play wildstar.