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Wildstar Occupational Analysis: Cowboy Bebop

The whole game has the longest range, and have excellent maneuverability. Can shuttle between this world and empty The Void , in the void will not be any harm or hatred unless your opponent chase came to void. To some extent this is more elusive than the latent hunter. Moves the fire department with a mix of sci-fi fantasy magic system is quite popular career. Range of skills intolerance small,must have good aim to hit the opponent.


Wildstar Cowboy Bebop


Blood style in favor of the specified target, the more inferior in scope. Requires not only the amount of high-tech, there is no strong special skills, wearing a light armored weakest letting a lot of fault tolerance is low, the whole career is the most difficult to get started, if the outset election Cowboy Bebop and death have often made with psychological preparation.

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