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WildStarMall: New Wildstar Dye Coming For Deluxe Edition

We've heard a few of you talking about the WildStar Gold /Green Eldan Dye that comes with the WildStar Deluxe Edition (and Deluxe Upgrade). To clear up confusion, it was always our intention to include a single dye in the Deluxe Edition, and the "Gold/Green" refers to the iridescent, color-shifting effect of the Eldan dye.

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But since you brought it up, we looked back on some of our previous messaging for the Deluxe Edition, and there might have been some inconsistency in what we said about it. Thinking back, it's possible that there was a brief time when some of us were confused ourselves on whether one or two dyes were included. In spite of our usually infallible nature, we're willing to entertain the notion that we may have inadvertently contributed in some way to the confusion.


That said, we're proud to announce that from this point forward,* all past, present, and future Deluxe Edition account holders will receive an all-new, never-before-seen Eldan WildStar Gold Dye!


We're sorry about the confusion and any hard feelings this may have caused, and hope you will be pleased with our efforts to make it right. Thank you for supporting WildStar and letting us know what's on your mind!

We mean it. The Devs are listening. Ok, I didn't want to ruin the moment, but it's going to take a little time for us to get the dye out to everyone. We didn't just repurpose an existing dye color, so we're making a brand new dye just for you. We're trying to get it in for the weekend, but with all the launch activity it might spill over into next week. Stay tuned for updates!