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About mmorpg WildStar online analysis

 Many gamers are excited for wildstar online game.  The game has a hilarious sense of humor mixed with that kind of animated style which makes it really cool,  it looks awesome. So, just recently, WildStar put out some news on how aiming will work and now even more games are getting pumped up for the release of the game.


spellslinger artworkReading some blogs discussing recent development of Wildstar, specifically aiming, one can find out what the developers have experimented with and what they eventually chose. Aiming is such a huge part in any MMO these days. How it's handled really sets the feel for combat in the game itself and can make or break a game. The most basic aiming, or more commonly targeting method, right now is the tab targeting. It is comparable to the ones used in World of Warcraft, Knights of the Old Republic. It's the most widely-used targeting method making it the most stale form of targeting.


Generally when tab targeting a target, the player hits the tab button, closes the firing range, kicks off a few abilities, and in some cases, even has an auto-attack, which will do the majority of the work for the player. And then there's crosshair targeting, which was used in the re-released version, or the revamped version, of Star Wars Galaxies before it was canceled and is currently used in Star Trek Online. Although the developers experimented and decided not to go with mobus-style skill shots, gamers have considered it a neat idea and interesting concept for MMO. Eventually, Wildstar developers ended up with a new system called free-form targeting.


With this system, tab targeted still works to locate enemies and allies quickly, but for a player to use his/her abilities requires taking control of the character and doing this crazy thing called aiming, which is a relatively new concept in the MMO landscape. Now, some MMO's have done this style of aiming before. Similar to WoW and Guild Wars, what happens is just as a player is about to use an ability, a cone of fire appears on a general area where it has to go and where the damage will be located.


However, this is only applicable to certain specific abilities. WildStar is going to focus on this style of aiming so that means gamers will have to actually aim their shots. This requires gamers to be fully aware of their placements, their location and of that of their enemy's. If a player is doing a blast with a shotgun, he/she has to want to lineup as many targets as possible to hit as many targets. At the same time, players will want to dodge enemy attacks that are doing exactly the same thing to them. So it adds a much more fast paced combat feel to it. It's pretty cool how developers decided to do it. In the trailer that they released in the last developer's blog, they actually show some of these aiming areas and how they're going to work, where there's a guy with two pistols and each pistol has its own aim section. And different abilities and different weapons are going to have different styles of how the damage is spread out.


So like, the one with the two pistols, damage can be on the right-hand side of or left hand side and it spreads from there. So gamers will have to think about what weapons they're using, the abilities they're using, where the enemy's location is, where their location is, then mix in dodging to actually get out of the way of these shots. It's going to make combat way more interesting than what gamers are really used to in MMO's. In fact, Guild Wars has this kind of combat going where it has a lot of tab targeting with the ranged attacks.


If a gamer plays a melee character, he/she doesn't really have to worry about tab targeting as much, since it's all about getting close and start swinging that

sword. Most gamers will love that style, where one has to worry where the enemy is, wherea a gamer is located, his/her range, getting in, dodging, and watching the area of effect. Another thing that this means for this style of combat is that actual player skill, and not just numbers and stats, are going to decide good players from bad players. So, now every character has to worry about aiming, even including healers. One will know a good healer, according to the developer's blog, by being able to hit multiple targets at once to heal them. Gamers will be teamwork based by knowing how companions move.


Most gamers know how healers like to move, how one's companion is going to do his/her dodge and then move in for an attack and use certain abilities because they played together enough enabling knowing when to kick off those heals, because the last thing a gamer wants to do is dodge and roll out of the way of a friendly heal while he/she is trying to move out of a combat. Gamers will have to actually communicate with their teammates and that right there is really exciting.