Will you wait till November to see the coming of WildStar Drop 3?

wildstarmall Date: Oct/04/14 09:29:22 Views: 304

We WildStar players all believe that we can experience WildStar Drop 3 in October, but bad news is that we still have to wait till November, another long month to wait. But it is good to know that the Megaservers and the runecrafting changes will be coming before Drop 3, probably in mid October. We have prepared you a great video from Youtube to inform you with the title “Wildstar holocaust, state of the game post, Drop 3 + incentivizing group play”, hope it help you have a better understanding and expectation to WildStar. 



We have detailed news to introduce Megaservers, so we won’t bother you more about it, just to make sure that you can find more friends for your PVP and dungeons and raids, it would be better. But the Carbine Studios needs to work out a way to ensure the quality of the servers as with the player number become larger in one place, it won’t be easier to experience a stable game. As for the details of Drop 3, we still don’t know much about it, but it is definitely a big move to save the game and to bring players back.

People now have complicated ideas about WildStar. With many new MMORPG comes out such as ArcheAge, WildStar seems to lose its attraction day by day, and it is maybe also the reason that NC Soft needs a beautiful fight to make this game charming again, so the update has been delayed, but some players don’t want to wait any more. So, what is your idea? Will you wait till November to see the coming of WildStar Drop 3?

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