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Wilstar: 9 Simple Rules For Fast Leveling to 50

For those of you worrying about how long it takes to hit 50 after watching videos or trying it yourself, or perhaps you just want another 50 but are put off by how long it took your the first time!


There are fast ways to level up, for an experienced player you can expect to hit 50 in 3-5 days (reasonable). Just follow these simple rules, but be warned they will "tarnish" your experience of the games story/lore. So take that as you will.


1) Quest 1-2 levels above you, ideally 2 levels (if you can handle it). The xp increase you get is mental, this is by far the fastest way of leveling up, however you have to ignore any pve/pvp instances or your path quests, as soon as you reach 1 level/same level as the area you are in LEAVE. Most of the zones progress in levels either clockwise or anti-clockwise around the map, so explore along roads for new quest hubs, look for npc and mob levels as an indicator or google some zone maps.


(If nothing else on this list appeals to you or you just want something simple, follow this one)


2) Join a guild, for thier 10% xp flasks 4hrs (500 renown, just do a dungeon or group for quests with randoms), verify your account with an authenticator such as winauth (on your pc) or a mobile version for a permenant 5% xp, prestige(honor) and renown(justice) increase.


3) Use the free sack that you can open at levels 3/5/7/10+ etc to get free consumables, ideally look for rested xp potions (R&R that give you max rested xp) or 50% xp boost potions which iirc first R&R come at lvl 10 (save R&R for 30-40+), hoard your omnibits (think free cashshop currency) and buy more potions.


4) When you hit 14 and get your housing plot, grab furniture that increases your rested xp buff, there are 5 categories that give bonuses comfort-lighting-aroma-ambience-pride, get them to atleast medium ideally large ASAP. And make sure to log off in your housing plot to boost rested xp when your offline. Using your house teleport and then leaving via the pad returns you to whatever location you came from, so dont worry about losing your place in a zone.


5) Stay hydrated and put some good music on, for most people this`ll let you zone in and concentrate. Go for big pulls aswell, see how high you can get that kill combo.


6) Keep an eye out for a fusion rune that fits in your legs (any color slot) called "Graduates Certificate" which gives a 5% xp bonus can often find this on the auction house relatively cheap on most servers. And remember to remove it for a small gold sum as you find better gear.


7) Take atleast two interupt/stuns on your LAS, when an enemy uses a skill (note thier portrait for an orange moving bar, use an interupt or stun, this is called a "Moment of Opportunity or MoO" and makes mobs recieve extra damage for aslong as thier nameplate stays purple, making use of this mechanic will let you slaughter mobs far quicker and get larger pulls going. This can considerably cut down on your quest time once you get the hang of it.


8) Consider taking "Settler" as your path, as this lets you build buff stations that notebly include upto 25% movement/mount speed buffs, and 5-10% xp buffs. Being a settler allows YOU to choose when and where to build these buff stations, when you find one (that allows for say xp stations), note its location down so you can return and rebuff.


9) Get signature status for a flat 25% xp, renown, prestige and reputation buff, along with better AH access, ability to create/invite to guilds and circles (player channel/friendlist) this is a monthly subscription that has comparable prices to your usual mmo.


Fully buffed up you can expect to see 5% auth + 10% flask + 5-10% buff station +50% xp potion + 25% signature + 5% graduates = 105% xp boost.


Rested xp seems approx 75% additonal xp (i may be wrong, i dont have any way to check atm) this INCLUDES quest rewards, so theoretically you can get 175-180% xp boost, and i believe rested xp increases with xp bonuses itself, so it could be higher. Regardless if my math is off, rested xp = good, so get it whenever you can.


Finally in the most recent patch battleground got a serious xp boost, from approx. 30-60% depending on the gamemode. So if you want to take a break, or the zone just isnt doing it for you, consider jumping into PvP for a change of pace, feel free to correct me if my math is borked or you know the actual numbers from rested xp.