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WildStar A Beginner's Guide - Getting Started

This guide is presented to help these players get into the game world with as little frustration or confusion as possible. With this short guide, any new player will not only be able to shape their character to their liking, but also ensure that their friends will be able to find them in game!

Choose Your Server

change server

During stress tests and beta weekends there are usually multiple copies of the game world (or servers) running at the same time. Be sure to select the same server (shown above) as your friends or you won't be able to see each other in the game. If you don't know what server they are on, you'll want to ask them since at this time you cannot change servers once you choose one. You will have to make a new character and start over from level 1.


Exile or Dominion?

exile or dominion

WildStar has two factions. Make sure you choose the same faction as your friends if you want to play together. The Exile and Dominion are bitter enemies in WildStar! You'll want to ask your friends which side they are playing on in order to be able to group and quest with them. To learn more about the differences between the two factions, check out these two WildStar Flicks: Meet the Exiles and Meet the Dominion.


Your Race


Each race has it's own unique back-story and look. The race you choose can also determine which classes are available for you to play. For example, Humans and Cassians can play all six classes while the Granok can only play three of them (Warrior, Engineer and Medic.) Be sure to choose a race that can play the class you enjoy. Check out the Classes page on the official WildStar website to see which races can play certain classes. Besides affecting available classes to play, the different races are just cosmetic. They have no impact on how powerful your character can become.


Your Class


Your class determines what role, weapon and abilities you will be able to use in the game. For example, a Warrior uses a Sword while a Stalker uses Claws. Classes determine whether you fight from close-range, mid-range or long-range. In a group setting, each class can perform two roles: support or damage dealing. The support roles are Tanking (getting enemy attention, absorbing/avoiding damage) and Healing (protecting and healing group members). No class can both Tank and Heal. Each class performs each role in their own unique way, but they are all viable and can perform their role admirably in the game. For more details on Classes, you'll want to check out Chief Sarcan's Guide to Classes.


Your Path


After you've chosen your class, you'll also need to select your Path. Paths are one of the most unique features of WildStar. Your Path choice unlocks new content based on your playstyle. If you prefer fighting and experimenting with different weapons, you may enjoy the Soldier path. Or, if you're the kind of player that wants to venture out into the game world and explore every cave, mountaintop and hidden valley then you'll want to probably choose Explorer. For more details on each Path, you'll want to check out Chief Sarcan's Guide to Paths.


Your Look


Once you've selected your Race, Class and Path, you'll want to customize your character so you can look unique. There are a variety options to help you find the perfect look for your character. You'll discover a large amount of customization choices within each race. For example, on a Granok you can choose from crystal beards to a moss mustache. We recommend taking your time making your character since this is the avatar you'll be looking for hours upon hours of gameplay.


Your Name

choose a name

Once your character is created, you're ready to choose a name. WildStar names must be one word but may contain numbers at this time. This is the name that people will see in the game world once you appear on the Arkship (your starting zone) and the name you'll want to give your friends so they can invite you into their guild or circle.



Now, I understand that these are very basic steps, but as the Nexus Welcome Center we try to make sure that everybody is prepared for their journey to Nexus - not just MMO veterans! I hope this was helpful to you and be sure to check out our Guides page for more great help on making the most of your Nexus journey!