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In wildstar how to protect players account security

Carbine game company for WildStar plug-in used and cheating accounts were processed, a total freeze of 7300 accounts. Wildstar officially listed on June 3, just a month after the start of rampant plug. "Although the 7300 account only occupied a small part of the total number accounts, but so many accounts also really caught our attention," Carbine said.


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Carbine company also said half of the accounts are in the hands of hackers stolen from ordinary players, but now the situation is still very rampant, the player should be installed double validator for their own account in order to ensure personal account security. In order to prevent account theft players, Wildstar developer Carbine Studios would very much like each player to add their own layer of protection, if verified, then opened the account within the game can get a new vehicle: Retroblade motorcycle.

In order to allow players to open the "two-step verification", Carbine Studios do a lot of effort. Previously, they have launched several complimentary benefits including: a beautiful helmet, a new title, as well as all the characters experience growth of 2%. In addition, of course, but also make your account more secure.

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