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It Will be Reduced to 20 People in Wildstar Team Raid

It is well-known that it is difficult to group with fourty people in WildStar which is a cartoon style MMORPG, owned and developed by the NCsoft Carbine Studios. Thus, an upcoming 1.2.0 version adjustment about the team Raid size is published on the WildStar official Website.


WildStar Team RAID


What is the main content of the announcement? The announcement reveals that the team Raid size in the game WildStar will be reduced from forty people to twenty people. In addition, the announcement also incidently reveals some team scale narrow of FAQ. The development team in FAQ in the game has said that twenty people mode of team RAID is good and convenient for players to find the team. Moreover, it has a test in test server for a long time, and the result is that it will completely instead of the existing of 40 people mode. Players' achievements and WildStar Items from 40 people RAID will automatically be conversed after the patch is revealed. If you want to get more items and to be powerful with the items, you can buy with your WilStar gold. The number of equipment dropped will be reduced according to the team scale reduced, but overall challenge difficulty of the WildStar team RAID does not reduced.

In summary, the size of WildStar team Raid is reduced from forty people to twenty people. Besides, there are some changes on team scale reduction of FAQ. However, one thing you need to pay attention to is that the number of equipment dropped will be reduced while the overall challenge difficultu in WildStar team Raid will not be reduced.