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Lastest Wildstar Loremageddon Update: Mordesh and Draken Was Created

The latest article of WildStar Loremageddon has been released on the WildStar’s official site. The lore behind the game is laid out by the series. The races in WildStar are the special focuses in the third installment, especially, the Mordesh and Draken.


Mordesh and Draken


The final two races – the Mordesh and the Draken will be presented in this week’s Loremageddon extravaganza. Are you ready for the creepiest and most blood-soaked revelations yet? How long can the Mordesh live before the Mordesh became quasi-undead space zombies? Who exactly is those crazy Old Gods of Mikros? The answers just lie before you now.

However, do not fear! What are done with the races does not mean Loremageddon finished. Besides, this is the reason for not fearing. More awesome stuff will come next week for you!