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Wildstar Copy System Analysis

Speaking of wildstar copy of the system, everyone's feeling is difficult and fun. Anyone whether remembered the old players played World of Warcraft copy of the classic 60's, that really is a strange group off Dora, wildstar worse, even the tank slightly slower reaction will directly be seconds away.


Wildstar Copy System


In the wildstar completely interactive withdrawals action shows game advantage, the battle would often require a team to walk with the situation, not the traditional tanks pulled, they would often need the kind of God of War series, double jump dodge, roll dodge situation.

In the wildstar, players who complete the challenge 5 heroics, you can tour the challenge of 20 people as well as a copy of a large team of 40 people, this game does not distinguish between normal and difficult mode, because it can tell you, 20 and 40 copies itself comes with difficulty modes, imagine mechanism 5 copies of sublimation to teamwork 40 people need.

Large copy wildstar is different with the traditional game, boss's behavior patterns and skills are the skills pool in which a group of randomly selected, weekly boss skills will vary according to last week's data, so players do not mean a one-off wasteland this boss can farm the next time, we can say based on a combination of different skills every week wasteland. This week's configuration might need to respond boss next week to make a change.

Wildstar play skills you can read from