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Low price of wildstar

First, you need to spend $ 59.99 (about 367 RMB) to buy the game on CD or digital version, then enjoy a 30-day free trial period.

After going a paid subscription, the monthly subscription fee is $ 14.99 (about 92 RMB);
Quarterly subscription fee is $ 41.97 (about 257 RMB), the average cost of $ 13.99 per month (about 86 RMB);
Half a year subscription fee is $ 77.94 (US $ 477 RMB), the average cost of $ 12.99 per month (about 80 RMB);
Annual subscription fee is $ 131.88 (about 808 RMB), the average cost of $ 10.99 per month (about 67 RMB).


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If you do not want to cost money, carbin offers a free game program. Players can purchase in-game virtual gold virtual props Certificate for Research, Exploration, Destruction, Development, referred CREDD, the use of free game time can be extended by 30 days. The props only sold through the official sale, the price is higher than the monthly subscription fee. Players can be in the game Commodities Exchang for speculation, and can decide the price of gold.

Chinese players will certainly be frightened when see the price. But for the European and American players, the price of this game is too cheap. But if you really like a game, then spend some money count it.