The secret to make money from Wildstar Challenges

From the get go Wildstar offers a variety of money sinks. Whether it be customization of your character, end game raiding, or customizing your house, it is all expensive. So the first thing you have to do is make money in Wildstar.

Play the Auction House to earn wildstar gold

Wildstar actually has two kinds of auction houses. One covers items like armor, weapons, and decor items. While the other covers commodities and materials. Plus there is the market for buying and selling game time.

WildStar Rare Mobs list in Celestion

While adventuring through Celestion, players will come across 13 rare mobs. After defeating all rares, you will complete achievement “I like it rare: Celestion” listed under Achievement ? Kill ? Celestion.

WildStar Guide:What to do at level 50

When you rech level 50 in WildStar which called Elder Gem.The most noticeable change will appear on your experience bar, where you stop earning experience point. But, you start earning Elder points for every task and kill that would award you with experience points. For every 75k Elder Points you get 1 Elder Gem,

WildStar Guide:How to Maximizing your housing buff

It is known to all that there are 5 kinds of housing buffs, Aroma, Comfort, Lighting, Pride and Ambience. These buffs control how much rested XP you get when logged off in your house. But by this point you probably already know that. You have also learned that getting a lot of small lights does not consitute a large lighting buff etc

Tips for How to Get Money Faster in WildStar

In a game like "WildStar," the more in-game currency you have, the better. Gold gives you the ability to buy high-end items, pay for necessary skills, upgrade the gear you already have and keep your raiding supplies stocked.

WildStar Crafting guide

From level 10 onwards you’ll be able to begin crafting and as is customary in WildStar. Then you choose up to two paths of Tradeskill from the NPC. You need to remember that for example for weapons you need stones. To get them, you have to know how,

Cheap wildstar gold for sale on

WildStar is quite interesting MMORPG. Since it was launches over one months, the number of wildstar players is more than millions of all over the world. WildStar is the most successful game in 2014.

WildStar C.R.E.D.D is finally released

One of the huge features to Carbines business model for WildStar is CREDD, a currency very similar to PLEX in EVE. CREDD can be purchased with real life money and sold in game to a player for in game currency.

WildStar powerful addon:Ayth_Quest

Ayth_Quest,an addon created by Aytherine that helps you determine what quest/path/gathering objectives are the closest, so you can streamline your questing.The purpose of Ayth_Quest is to show you the closest objectives for your quests, quest givers, harvesting/farming nodes, and path objectives.

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WildStarMall: New Wildstar Dye Coming For Deluxe Edition

We've heard a few of you talking about the WildStar Gold /Green Eldan Dye that comes with the WildStar Deluxe Edition (and Deluxe Upgrade). To clear up confusion, it was always our intention to include a single dye in the Deluxe Edition, and the "Gold/Green" refers to the iridescent, color-shifting effect of the Eldan dye.
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