Possible Tricks to Upgrade WildStar Raid Experience

wildstarmall Date: Aug/07/14 11:52:23 Views: 420

WildStar Raid is an important part in WS PVE content, and there are two Raid Instances in WildStar, one is the 20 man raid Genetic Archives and the other one is the 40 man Datascape. The first one has been conquered by players, but the second one is not. We are here today to discuss possible problems and solutions about WildStar Raid, we gathered most of our information from Reddit and forums, may it help you enjoy the game better.

First of all, the problem may be that the 40 men raid is too hard to conquer, so there are still no players completed it yet. One player in reddit have post his ideas about the problems and possible solutions to WildStar Raid from his own experience and there are many followers under this post. Generally, he speaks highly about WildStar Raid, in his word, WS raid content is brilliant, and he already conquered the 20 men raid and in the road to 40 men raid. But still, he has something to say. See the details in attached pictures.





Carbine has responded to this post in time with clear attitude.



There are also many useful and sharp opinions under this post, such as the suggestion to raid molten core or blackrock spire to solve the second problem. So, if you are a WildStar lover, it would be definitely helpful to spend sometime everyday to witness the big news online. 

As a MMORPG supporter, we wildstarplatinum.us has great confidence in WildStar as well as its raid. From recently trend, players have been decreased in the past months, but Carbine has been dedicated in it and players’ opinions are valued highly. So, it just needs sometime to better modifications.