Are you a successful miner in wildstar?

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Are you a successful miner in wildstar? Do you want to make wildstar gold via mining? If you want to be a successful miner, here are a few thing you need to know.


wildstar miner


Mining is a good choice to be a moneymaker. Minerals usually sell for decent prices in the Auction Hall, and the gems you find are valuable. If you are an Engineer or Blacksmith, you should also take Mining. This will provide you with most of the raw materials you need to be a decent smith or engineer. You should consider Skinning instead of Mining if you are a leatherworkers.

Get yourself a mining pick at Mining Supply vendors the world over. They are typically located near a forge or Mining Trainer. You should keep the pick in your inventory all the time.

It is important to memorize the places you find mineral veins because lots of them continually respawn in the exact same place.

Keep these in mind when you try to be a successful miner. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find a lot of gems. Finding gems is based on completely random chance. Sometimes you’ll get three in a single vein, other times you’ll go weeks and not find a single gem. So keep mining and don’t give up!

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