What can you do with Crafted Gear in WildStar

wildstarmall Date: Aug/13/14 11:13:09 Views: 419

Crafted gear can be a HUGE boost to your characters performance. Certain pieces of crafted gear can be arguably better than anything you will find in Veteran Dungeons or Adventures, due to the procs and bonuses they provide. It’s hard to say exactly what items of crafted gear are the best for each class. The majority of the high tier crafted gear is known as ‘Adventus’ or ‘Epochos’ gear. This tier of crafting gear can be quite expensive to craft, this is because when you are crafting gear you are essentially looking for 3-4 rune slots which are good for your class. Rune slots are completley random so you will likely have to craft the same piece of gear multiple times to get desirable rune slots. A lot of people recommend crafting level 49 gear as it is only slightly worse stat wise than sets such as Adventus and Epochos. The name of level 49 gear varies quite a bit, so scan your local auction house’s level 48-50 gear section to find the names of odd pieces of crafting gear. You’ll usually be able to tell what gear is crafted gear by seeing an extradionary amount of a certain stat on it e.g +125 finesse.




The following crafting professions make the follow items:
Tailor – Light Armor (Pairs well with Survivalist)
Outfitter – Medium Armor and Support Systems (Pairs well with Survivalist)
Armorer – Heavy Armor and Energy Shields (Pairs well with Mining)
Weaponsmith – Weapons and Weapon Attachments (Pairs well with Mining)

In comparison to other game that feature crafting professions, Wildstar’s crafting professions are relatively quick and easy to level. You can max out most professions in a few hours. Since crafting has quite a high level of complexity and customization it’s probably a good idea to level a profession or professions that you believe will be useful to yourself at endgame.

For guilds or groups of players it is a good idea to communicate via guild forums and chat to see and keep track of who has what professions, as crafting gear can be super valuable and generally speaking you are much better off getting items personally made instead of buying them off the Auction House, this way you can ensure the items your crafting have the stats that you want on them.